Iceland Day 7

We woke up off a random pull out near a town. We filled up on Gas and headed deeper into the West Fjords. It was great lighting all day as we saw endless views and being surrounded by towering green hills. We rounded one corner and saw the biggest waterfall we've ever seen, Dynjandi; it took up the entire cliff face - it was insane and pictures do it no justice. We continued driving and then stumbled on a bucket-list location for me, this little a-frame cabin with a perfect view. Years ago I'd seen Chris Burkard post a photo of it, and I made it a point to one day make it there. Rounding the corner and seeing it in person was one of the most incredible feelings. We then headed west more into Látrabjarg and stopped there for the night, but of course I had to crash my drone and Iceland had to show off with an insane sunset above the clouds before we headed off to bed. Typical.

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